Farmer Friendly
We are highly affordable, eco-friendly, organic farm input manufacturer for sustainable agriculture and horticulture.
organic farming
We hand hold organic / residue free farming projects on turnkey basis through our novel sustainable cultivation practices and inputs
Innovative Research
Our mission is to bridge the gaps between plant protection research and practicability in protecting future resources in sustainable farming
Sustainable solutions
We offer completely novel and innovative solutions from latest indigenous technologies which are crop and location specific
About us
NATURA CROP CARE - A startup formed by agriculture researchers from biological control, to deliver best organic agri-inputs backed by innovative farming approaches to increase crop yield.
By its Unique understanding of microbial plant interactions in nature, Natura is validating to the current scenario of increasing sustainable agri-horti produce across the world. Natura has developed biological and botanical products to meet the demand of residue free produce. These products are serving famers across globe in plant-soil health management and plant nutrition management. Exploration of Natura’s unique culture bank of diversified microbial cultures has resulted in development of virulent and competent strains. Focused on innovative technologies Natura has established ultra-precise microbial fermentation technology with pharma-grade production system. Our promising products help farmers around the globe to control diseases and pests, improves plant immunity giving healthier yields, simultaneously reducing risks of resistance development in pests. All these products have been tested in various field trials under different agro-climatic conditions in reputed agricultural universities and continuously re-validated. Bio pesticides are registered with Central Insecticide Board (CIB) and Bio fertilizers under Fertilizer Control Order (FCO). All products are suitable for organic farming.

Our vision:
Sustainable innovation for farmers.
Micro precise farming practices.
Eco-friendly pest control.
Increasing yields of residue free produce.
Ultra efficient nutrition management.
Healthy farmers, healthy crops.
Our mission:
Working towards a healthier planet by bridging the gaps between research and extension through safe and sustainable farming inputs, developing precise farming practices for healthy crops and healthy yields
Our values:
Highly Ethical, Purity in Quality, customer first approach, Honest business Relationships, Win-Win outcomes
We are speacialized in
Trend setting – Natura Crop care and its associates have pioneered in setting new trends in modren -sustainable farming in various commercial horticultural crops such as Pomegranate, Black pepper, Guava etc., with emphasis on Polyhouse crops such as Dutch Roses, Carnations, Gerbera, Liliums, Anthuriums, Cut Crysanthemums, Colored Capsicum, European cucmbers, Tomatoes, Melons.
Mission Research – For the first time in India Natura Crop Care is venturing inte research for developing crop specific and location specific formulations for organic farming, mainly in commercial plantaion of Tea and coffee in an integrated approach. Our team is expertised in taking the basic lab level research in to practical modules.
Holistic Farming approach – Natura Crop Care strongly believes that farmers are the ultimate clients for bringing out major changes in food supply chains. Hence we have developed a good progressive farmers base in many pockets of the country, with which we are able to take the useful innovations in sustainable agriculture to the door step of our farmers in no time.
Sustainable Farming
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  • Insect & pest Biological control
Arka Microbial Consortium
Arka natura Decomposer
Hi7-IISR cardamom special
Hi7-IISR pepper special
Arka Microbial Consortium
epn sword grub nasak
arka krishi kawach
natura tricho kawach
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